WS-05 Mobile Wheel Work Station

Part Number: WS-05
Price: $2,100.00
Ships Direct From Manufacturer

The Mobile Wheel Work Station is for commercial truck tire and wheel changing. A supported boom handles the weight of the impact wrench, reducing body fatigue and decreasing back problems. The impact is able to rotate to the operator's desired position. It can move in all directions and lock the wrench in a horizontal plane to prevent rounding of wheel nuts. The Work Station also features a storage bin on its side and has a rear compartment for storage. The air access manifold located on the side of the handle bar shows the pressure available from the compressor, and also has an additional high-pressure line and regulated line. The high-pressure line can provide air to a jack or to operate high pressure air tools. The regulator line can be used to inflate tires. Simply dial the amount of air pressure required with no worry of over-inflation.

Designed for faster and more efficient commercial truck tire and wheel changing operations.

  • New Improved Mounting System
  • Supports the weight of an impact wrench
  • WS-05 moves in all directions and locks the impact wrench into a horizontal plane to prevent rounding of wheel nuts
  • Provides significant reduction in impact wrench damage
  • Relieves operator fatigue and helps reduce comp claims by preventing back injury.
  • Made in the USA

  • Impact wrench not included