Amp Meters and Probes

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1000 Amp DC/AC High Current Probe
Part Number: ESI698
Price: $97.69
1000 Amp Probe Digital Multimeter
Part Number: ESI655
Price: $156.23
1000 Voltage, Continuity and Current Tester
Part Number: FLUT5-1000
Price: $171.46
80TK Thermocouple Module
Part Number: FLU80TK
Price: $147.31
AC/DC Current Clamp Meter
Part Number: DM-40
Price: $269.95
AC/DC Current Clamp Meter, HI
Part Number: DM-46
Price: $339.95
AC/DC Current Clamp Meters
Part Number: SHFCM100
Price: $168.82
Amp Clamp
Part Number: IC-1
Price: $349.95
Current Clamp Probe to 2000Amps for Multimeters
Part Number: OTC3500-01
Price: $124.26
Current Probe Multimeter
Part Number: ESI685
Price: $157.07
Digital Multimeter AMP Probe
Part Number: EPI3347
Price: $86.90
IC-20 Amp Clamp
Part Number: IC-20
Price: $364.95
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