Kiene: Tweakster

Kiene: Tweakster
Part Number: 32540
Price: $216.00
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Roll-up trailer door tracks are damaged all the time!

Repair usually means removing the old track and welding in a new one – until now. With the new Kiene Tweakster, you can repair damaged tracks easily, quickly and on the truck…No track replacement!

The Tweakster can be used several ways:

  • Hammer it through a crushed track section to open it up.
  • Use the slot to tweak the edges of the track back into shape.
  • Pry the track open with the slot to replace rollers – then close the track again.
  • Use the Tweakster as a back-up dolly to hammer bulged
    sections back into shape.

Comes in a set of 2 sizes for Todco 1" door tracks and Whiting 2" door tracks.