Vehicle Data Link Adapter

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NEXIQ Blue-Link 2
Part Number: EESM608
Price: $299.00
NEXIQ USB Link 3 Wireless Vehicle Interface - 121052
Part Number: 121052
Price: $805.00
NEXIQ USB Link 3 Wired Vehicle Interface 121054
Part Number: 121054
Price: $780.00
Cummins Inline 7 Data Link Adapter Kit
Part Number: 5299899
Price: $1,525.00
DG Tech DPA XL Dearborn Protocol Adapter (DPA)
Part Number: DG-400-10819
Price: $803.60
DG Technologies - DPA XL V13 Kit
Part Number: DG-400-10881
Price: $845.00
Drew Technologies CarDAQ-Plus 3
Part Number: CDP3-KIT-01
Price: $1,735.50
Drew Technologies DrewLinQ and CarDAQ-Plus 2 Master Bundle
Part Number: BNDL-CDP2-DL-01
Price: $2,291.25
Drew Technologies DrewLinQ HD Passthru Adapter Kit
Part Number: DL-LD-HD-KIT
Price: $682.50
Heavy-Duty Trailer Diagnostic Adapter Kit W/ Power Cable
Part Number: 122511
Price: $900.00
Noregon DLA+ 3.0 Vehicle Interface Adapter
Part Number: 122051
Price: $987.00
DG Technologies Protocol Adapter (DPA 4 Plus)
Part Number: DG-DPA4/Plus-Kit
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Vehicle Data Link Adapter Featured Brands

Vehicle Data Link Adapter FAQs

Q: Do I need a specific truck adapter for my model?

A: It depends. Our selection includes adapters compatible with various truck models. Check the product details and the Specifications tab when available for compatibility information. You can also chat or call us at (616) 531-8868.

Q: How do I connect the interface/adapter to my vehicle?

A: Connecting is straightforward. Use the provided cables and follow the instructions. Some truck adapters or vehicle interfaces may require software installation on your computer.

Q: Can I use DLAs for real-time vehicle monitoring?

A: Yes, many DLAs offer real-time data, allowing you to monitor your vehicle’s performance, detect issues, and improve efficiency with the use of additional software.

Vehicle Interface & Data Link Truck Adapters

A data link adapter (DLA) and vehicle interface are diagnostic tools that connect to heavy-duty trucks, providing access to vehicle data for maintenance and troubleshooting. We stock vehicle data interfaces and truck adapters from top trusted brands for the utmost quality and latest technology that fleet managers and drivers have depended on for years.

Shop popular vehicle data link truck adapters like DrewLinQ from Drew Technologies, NEXIQ USB-Link 3, Cummins Inline 7 Data Link Adapter Kit, and more. No matter your requirements, we offer a comprehensive selection that works for you.

Our vehicle data interface and data link truck adapters include convenient data link USB options, ensuring your fleet is serviced accurately and ready for the long haul. Unique Truck Equipment delivers the top-quality connectivity solutions and unmatched efficiency and performance your business deserves.