Under Hoist Stand

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1 Ton Under Hoist Hydraulic Jack with wheels
Part Number: 81036A
Price: $768.00
1-1/2 Ton Capacity Under Hoist Stand
Part Number: 81035A
Price: $174.20
20 Ton Trailer Stabilizing Stand
Part Number: 81022B
Price: $364.80
AFF 1650 lb Underhoist Stand With Foot Pedal
Part Number: 3320A
Price: $146.36
OTC: 2-Ton Capacity Underhoist Tripod Stand
Part Number: UH20
Price: $302.44
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Under Hoist Jack Stand FAQs

Q: How does an under hoist jack stand differ from a regular jack stand?

A: Under hoist jack stands are engineered to support vehicles at higher points during maintenance. Unlike regular jack stands, which typically support the vehicle’s frame at lower heights, under hoist jack stands are used with a hoist to offer adjustable height features and stabilize parts of the vehicle being worked on.

Q: Should I choose an under hoist jack stand or an under hoist tripod stand?

A: Choose an under hoist jack stand for stable support under specific vehicle points during routine maintenance. Opt for a tripod stand when needing adjustable, versatile support for engine or transmission work, where stability and height adjustability are critical. Tripod stands offer a broader base for enhanced safety and are ideal for uneven surfaces or heavy-duty applications.

Q: How do load capacities vary between jack stands and tripod stands?

A: Understanding the load capacity of jack and tripod stands is important for efficiency as well as safety in heavy-duty truck maintenance. Jack stands often have a fixed load capacity suitable for lighter tasks. In contrast, tripod stands are designed for variable, often heavier loads with adjustable features for tasks requiring more support and flexibility, such as engine or transmission work.

Heavy-Duty Under Hoist & Jacks Stands

Under hoist stands make it manageable to support heavy-duty trucks securely during maintenance and repair work. Unique Truck Equipment offers a range of stands to fit your size and weight capacity requirements. Browse under hoist jack stands, tripod hoist stands, stabilizing stands, and under hoist stands with foot pedals. These heavy-duty stands are essential tools for automotive pros, featuring durable construction and stability for safe truck maintenance, and each has its advantages depending on your fleet’s needs.

An under hoist stand with a foot pedal allows for precise height adjustment so that your vehicle is supported at the right angle for servicing, whereas a tripod hoist stand is helpful for stability on uneven surfaces. No matter which you choose, under hoist stands meet the rigorous demands of commercial fleet maintenance. Explore Unique Truck Equipment’s selection today and find the best under hoist solutions to keep your operations running smoothly.