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"Blast-Vac" Multipurpose Cleaning Gun
Part Number: OTC6043
Price: $52.02
30 lb A/C Tank for R-134A
Part Number: ROB34102
Price: $110.19
30 lb Refrigerant Tank
Part Number: ROB17121
Price: $107.85
36 Piece Orifice Tube Master Kit with Removal/Installer Tool
Part Number: FJC3000
Price: $50.99
41 Piece R134a Manifold Coupler and Fitting Assortment
Part Number: FJC6075
Price: $87.72
50 lb R-12 A/C Refillable Refrigerant Tank
Part Number: ROB17506
Price: $136.89
50 lb. Refillable Tank DOT Approved for 12134A, 34700, 34100 Series
Part Number: 34750
Price: $143.74
A/C Flush Solvent - Gallon
Part Number: FJC2128
Price: $55.67
A/C Power Flush Solvent
Part Number: ROB17609
Price: $105.38
A/C Retro-fit Kit R-12 and R-134A
Part Number: MSC81175
Price: $101.60
AC Capacities Databse
Part Number: MSS360-83140-00
Price: $292.44
AC Flush Machine
Part Number: ROB17580
Price: $2,152.46
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