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Drew Technologies IMready Emissions Pre-Tester
Part Number: Imready-01-S
Price: $58.45
The Power Block - Block Heater Tester
Part Number: 5364
Price: $179.97
Fuse Buddy Pro Test Kit
Part Number: ESI310
Price: $93.37
Bartec QST250 Parking Sensor Tool
Part Number: BATBSTQST250
Price: $763.33
2013 Oil Light Reset Kit
Part Number: OTC3596J
Price: $447.86
ABS Sensor Pinpoint Tester
Part Number: WAE20560
Price: $383.14
Auto Wave Voltage and Signal Waveform Viewer
Part Number: WAE75000
Price: $424.19
CanDo GPR-100 Glow Plug Reader
Part Number: GPR-100
Price: $199.95
Coil On Plug Quick Probe II
Part Number: HIC765-2WA
Price: $138.02
Combustible Gas Leak Detector with Carry Case
Part Number: UEICD200
Price: $329.51
COP (Coil-on-Plug) Interceptor
Part Number: WAE76564
Price: $373.84
Diagnostic Relay Buddy 12/24 Pro Test Kit
Part Number: ESI193
Price: $157.35
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Vehicle Tester FAQs

Q: Can I use the same diagnostic automotive test kit for different types of vehicles?

A: Yes, many automotive test kits are universal and come with multiple adapters to fit a wide range of vehicles, including commercial trucks, cars, and specialty vehicles. These kits are designed to be versatile, providing comprehensive testing capabilities across different makes and models. As with any electronic, confirm compatibility before use.

Q: What makes a fuse tester essential for heavy-duty truck maintenance?

A: A fuse tester is crucial for heavy-duty truck maintenance. It allows technicians to quickly identify blown fuses in the electrical system. This tool helps maintain the vehicle’s operational integrity by verifying that all electrical components are properly powered and protected, minimizing downtime and preventing potential electrical failures.

Q: What advantages do universal gauge and component testers offer?

A: Automotive testers all have special uses. The universal gauge and component tester tests various vehicle components, from electrical gauges to sensors and circuits. Their adaptability makes them an invaluable tool in a mechanic’s arsenal. They enable efficient troubleshooting and repair systems within a vehicle, thereby ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

Automotive Testers & Special Use Kits

Special use truck tachometers and automotive testers available at Unique Truck are modernized to aid in heavy-duty truck checks, maintenance, and repairs. Our selection includes the most advanced automotive relay testers and relay kits, fuse testers, gauge testers, and essential tools such as parking sensors and service light reset tools.

You need a reliable fuse tester to check your vehicle’s electrical circuits and a truck tachometer to measure the engine’s RPMs. Our products are engineered to provide accurate and dependable results. Our truck testing kits, parking sensor tools, and service light reset tools make complex vehicle diagnostics straightforward and hassle-free.

Maintaining your fleet’s optimal performance has never been easier with these specialized vehicle testers and tools. Trust Unique Truck Equipment to keep your fleet running smoothly with the devices you need, including battery chargers and testers and heavy-duty trucking diagnostics and electronics.