The Pre-Trip Inspection Tool - PI539

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Perform pre-trip, post-trip and preventative maintenance inspections with the Pre-Trip Inspection Tool, a 4-in-1 tool that allows drivers and technicians to visually inspect tire tread depth, brake stroke, brake shoe thickness and windscreen damage. When not in use, the Pre-Trip Inspection tool can easily fit in a pocket or on a keychain.

Performs the following inspections:

  • Brake Stroke
  • Tire Tread Depth
  • Windscreen cracks
  • Brake pad thickness
Pre-Trip Inspection Tool with Logo
Pre-Trip Outline with Sizing

A. 5/32” Steer tire depth

B. 3/32” drive and trailer tire tread depth

C. ¾” maximum size of windscreen chips

D. 9/32” brake shoe thickness

E. 2” maximum stroke for short stroke chamber

F. 2.5” maximum stroke for long stroke chamber

G. Keychain hole

*Note: Measurements for A, B & D are set 1/32” greater than the legal requirements to allow driver to take corrective action before the vehicle is out of compliance.

Manufactured in the USA


"During a roadside inspection, I avoided a citation for the chip in my windshield. Using my Pre-Trip Inspection Tool I measured the chip and showed the officer that it was less than ¾”. He let me go with no citation. I love this tool!”

-Jon Hope (Rowdy Farms)