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The Pre-Trip Inspection Tool from Unique Truck Equipment may be small, but it’s essential for commercial truck drivers, along with any driver who wants to ensure their vehicle is ready for the road. This tiny pre-trip tool enables quick and effective checks to meet compliance standards before hitting the road. This versatile tool simplifies inspections with its ability to measure tire tread depth, brake stroke, brake shoe thickness, and windshield damage in one compact design.

Small enough to fit in a pocket or attach to a keychain, it confirms that your vehicles are road-ready, which keeps you and your rig safe and helps you avoid potential citations during inspections. Regular use of this pre-tip tool promotes proactive maintenance and aids in extending the life of critical components. Keep your operation running smoothly with our USA-manufactured Pre-Trip Inspection Tool and explore other essential heavy-duty trucking tools available at Unique Truck Equipment.

The Pre-Trip Inspection Tool Performs the Following Inspections:

  • Brake pad thickness
  • Brake stroke
  • Tire tread depth
  • Windscreen cracks

The Pre-Trip Inspection Tool Includes:

  • Brake shoe thickness gauge to assess wear and need for replacement
  • Brake stroke indicator for regular brake maintenance checks
  • Legal tire tread depth measurements to meet safety standards

Windshield damage evaluator for detecting chips or cracks that may require attention

The Pre-Trip Inspection Tool Dimensions:

Pre-Trip Outline with Sizing

A. 5/32” Steer tire depth

B. 3/32” drive and trailer tire tread depth

C. 3/4” maximum size of windscreen chips

D. 9/32” brake shoe thickness

E. 2” maximum stroke for short stroke chamber

F. 2-1/2” maximum stroke for long stroke chamber

G. Keychain hole

*Note: Measurements for A, B & D are set 1/32” greater than the legal requirements to allow driver to take corrective action before the vehicle is out of compliance.

Manufactured in the USA

*CUSTOM ENGRAVING (with your business name) AVAILABLE - Contact Unique Truck for details.


“During a roadside inspection, I avoided a citation for the chip in my windshield. Using my Pre-Trip Inspection Tool I measured the chip and showed the officer that it was less than 3/4”. He let me go with no citation. I love this tool!” -Jon Hope (Rowdy Farms)

Pre-Trip Tool & Inspection FAQs

Q: What are the steps for a pre-trip inspection?

A: Using the Pre-Trip Inspection Tool from Unique Truck, choose the appropriate tire tread depth dimensions to measure steer tire depth. Next, confirm that the brake shoe thickness and stroke length meet requirements. Finally, inspect for any windscreen damage. You’ll also want to review the latest vehicle inspection reports to address anything that could affect your trip.

Q: How do I memorize a pre-trip inspection?

A: Memorizing the steps of a pre-trip inspection can be made more accessible using our pre-trip tool instead of a physical checklist. Familiarize yourself with each component the tool measures: tire tread depth, brake pad thickness, brake stroke, and windscreen damage—practice using the tool regularly and in the same order to reinforce the inspection steps.