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Heavy-Duty Jack & Lifting Equipment FAQs

Q: What should I consider when choosing a jack for my fleet?

A: When selecting a jack, consider the weight capacity and height restraints of your vehicles, the type of lift needed, and the working space available. You’ll also want to confirm the compatibility of all the components involved to maintain a safe and stable process.

Q: When should mobile column lifts be used for fleet maintenance tasks?

A: Mobile column lifts are highly versatile and suitable for lifting a wide range of heavy vehicles, including buses and commercial trucks. Their mobility lets you move them around the workshop for flexible lifting solutions and the ability to work in multiple bays or maintenance areas. Mobile column lifts are best employed for tasks requiring access to a vehicle’s undercarriage to yield more manageable repairs or cleaning.

Q: How do I safely use porta powers in commercial trucking?

A: Porta powers, also known as hydraulic body repair kits, are versatile hydraulic tools that can perform a wide range of tasks but involve high forces, so it’s important to stay vigilant and use them as intended. The tool should be properly assembled, and all components should be securely fitted before use. Select the appropriate attachment for the job to avoid slipping or damage. Position the tool correctly to distribute force evenly and prevent sudden movements or overextension. Always wear protective gear to protect yourself against potential hydraulic fluid leaks or part failures.

Hydraulic Jacks & Truck Lifting Equipment

Supply your commercial fleet with the right hydraulic jacks and lifting equipment at Unique Truck. We offer a broad range of heavy-duty jacks for any maintenance requirements, from air bag jacks to transmission jacks. Find specialized heavy lifting equipment, like end lifts and mobile column lifts, porta powers, and wheel dollies to take on nearly any lifting task within your operation.

Explore our extensive truck jacks and lift products to find essential cranes, dump bed braces, forklift extensions, and more. Our inventory also includes must-have truck tools like service jacks, shop presses, ram cylinders, and clutch and flywheel supplies from prominent manufacturers like Kiene, MAHLE, and OTC.

Portability and operational efficiency await with products like heavy-duty truck ramps and pallet jacks. Browse our stock and see why Unique Truck Equipment should be your go-to provider for reliable, heavy-duty lifting solutions at the right prices.

Jack Type Overview:

  • Bottle Jacks: Standard bottle jacks work for routine maintenance and emergencies; high-capacity bottle jacks handle lifting of large vehicles; air-assisted bottle jacks combine air pressure and hydraulic power for simpler lifting
  • Hydraulic Jacks: Standard hydraulic jacks are used for general lifting and repairs; air/hydraulic jacks combine air and hydraulics for powerful lifting; low-profile hydraulic jacks are appropriate for vehicles with minimal ground clearance
  • Jack Stands: Standard jack stands provide stable support after lifting for safety during extended maintenance; heavy-duty jack stands support larger vehicles
  • Service Jacks: Standard service jacks are frequently used for lifting cars and small trucks; heavy-duty service jacks have stronger construction and higher weight capacities for commercial fleets
  • Specialty Jacks: Transmission jacks are specifically designed for safely supporting and maneuvering transmissions; forklift jacks raise forklifts and can also be used to lift similar industrial equipment; pallet jacks move heavy or bulky loads across flat surfaces in warehouses or garages