Stud Cleaning Tool

Stud Cleaning Tool
Part Number: 240
Price: $99.97
Ships Direct From Manufacturer
  • All Wheel manufacturers recommend cleaning the nuts and studs whenever a tire is serviced
  • Fits the most popular 10 hole hub piloted wheels
  • Eliminates messy hand brushes

  • Recently the government and tire industry recommended cleaning all studs with a wire brush. Studs can become rusted and corroded, cleaning 10 studs with a conventional wire brush is messy and time consuming.

    The Counteract Stud Cleaning Tool allows you to clean 10 studs in 3 minutes or less. For optimum performance, minimize the rpm of the air wrench with an air regulator.

    1/2" Stud Cleaning Tool comes equipped with 13mm brush. Part #24013

    7/8" Stud Cleaning Tool comes equipped with 22mm brush. Part # 24022

    1-1/8" Stud Cleaning Tool comes equipped with 28mm brush. Part #24028

    Counteract Stud Cleaning Tool brushes:

    Replacement brushes available

    Each Stud Cleaning Tool comes with a 1/2" drive adapter.