Porta Powers

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4 Ton Collision/Maintenance Repair Kit
Part Number: 904004C
Price: $411.25
Collision/Maintenance 10 Ton Repair Kit
Part Number: 910005C
Price: $675.00
Collision/Maintenance 20 Ton Repair Kit
Part Number: 920020A
Price: $1,535.98
10 Ton Body Repair Kit
Part Number: OME50100
Price: $564.82
10 Ton Porto-Power Kit
Part Number: BHKB65115
Price: $571.67
4 Ton Porto-Power Kit
Part Number: BHKB65114
Price: $382.92
5 Ton Flat Body Cylinder with Adapters
Part Number: OMEB65139
Price: $194.70
Friction Jack Set/Monkey On A Stick
Part Number: ALC77043
Price: $157.98
4 Ton Ram W/Coupler
Part Number: OTC9104B
Price: $116.28
OTC: 10-Ton Collision Repair Set
Part Number: 1515B
Price: $494.16
OTC: 4 - Ton Collision Repair Kit
Part Number: 1513B
Price: $349.59
Spreader W/Coupler
Part Number: OTC9101B
Price: $158.61
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Porta Powers Collision Repair Kits

Porta Powers are versatile tools that provide precise and powerful hydraulic force for heavy-duty truck repairs and maintenance. Enhance the safety and efficiency of repair tasks and help ensure that trucks remain in optimal working condition by keeping a porta power kit around.

Shop standard 10-ton porta power collision repair kits, as well as smaller and larger capacities from 4-ton to 20-ton. You’ll also find Blackhawk Porto-Power Kits, a leading name for hydraulic tools in the automotive repair industry.

Search for the specific collision repair kit you require, which may include porta power components like hydraulic pumps, hoses, ram/cylinders, extension tubes, couplers, and various attachments for different tasks.

Because porta powers are used in frame straightening, body repair, lifting heavy loads, brake and suspension work, and even vehicle rescue operations, a porta power kit is indispensable for truckers on the road or in the garage. We have the kits, jacks and lifting equipment, tool storage, and everything else you need for your fleet at Unique Truck Equipment.