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10 Ton Ram, 10-1/8" Stroke
Part Number: 910029A
Price: $482.40
10 Ton Ram, 12" Stroke
Part Number: 910030
Price: $610.00
10 Ton Ram, 14" Stroke
Part Number: 910047
Price: $594.00
10 Ton Short Ram with Adapter, 2-1/8" Stroke
Part Number: 910027A
Price: $315.90
25 Ton Ram, 10-1/4" Stroke
Part Number: 925024
Price: $1,011.40
25 Ton Ram, 14-1/4" Stroke
Part Number: 925027A
Price: $1,222.00
25 Ton Ram, 6-1/4" Stroke
Part Number: 925025A
Price: $698.10
50 Ton Ram, 6-1/8" Stroke, Double Acting
Part Number: 955106
Price: $2,858.70
Ram-10 Ton Capacity Cylinder
Part Number: 910026A
Price: $419.90
Ram-100 Ton Capacity Cylinder
Part Number: 999000
Price: $3,231.78
Ram-15 Ton Capacity Cylinder
Part Number: 915006
Price: $473.36
Ram-20 Ton Capacity Cylinder
Part Number: 925026B
Price: $518.40
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Hydraulic Cylinders, Rams & Hand Pump Sets for Trucks

Hydraulic cylinders and rams are related devices designed to provide substantial force for heavy-duty applications such as truck lifting, pressing, and straightening. Select from 10-ton through 60-ton ram capacity hydraulic cylinders for your heavy-duty trucks, along with hydraulic cylinder components like manual hydraulic pump sets, wedge and pull rams, adapters, attachments, kits, and sets.

High-capacity hydraulic ram cylinders allow for efficient handling of large loads and equipment, making them invaluable tools for maintaining and repairing trucks and their associated equipment.

With the variety of high-capacity hydraulic cylinders with hand pump sets, plus select hydraulic rams with pump sets, you can buy everything needed for these specific truck tasks at Unique Truck Equipment. Most sets include the cylinder, a hand pump for the hydraulic cylinder, a hose equipped with a high-flow coupler, a gauge, and a gauge adapter.

Within our impressive selection, you will find hydraulic rams and cylinders sold as integrated units, sets, or individual components for customization or replacements. Buy individual hydraulic rams, including short, single-acting, double-acting, and rams with standard-size half couplers. Choose stroke lengths from 2 through nearly 15 inches to fit your trucking requirements. Don’t forget to browse Unique Truck’s specialty tools to ensure your fleet is ready to roll.