Nexiq Scan Tools

As an authorized dealer of the Nexiq Brand, Nexiq Pro-link iQ, Nexiq USB Link and all Nexiq Products we specialize in Heavy Duty Diagnostics.

About the NEXIQ Technologies Brand

The NEXIQ Technologies™ brand brings with it 20 years of intellectual property ownership and diagnostics expertise in transportation. As a result, NEXIQ Technologies™ is uniquely qualified to deliver I.T. solutions to leading truck, automotive, fleet operators, and truck leasing companies in the commercial vehicle market.

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NEXIQ 188080 Pocket HD Heavy Duty Handheld Scan Tool
Part Number: 188080
Price: $1,425.00
NEXIQ 188080DPF Pocket HD Heavy Duty Handheld Scan Tool With DPF
Part Number: 188080DPF
Price: $1,675.00
NEXIQ ABS Software Suite for Pocket HD
Part Number: 918021
Price: $720.00
NEXIQ Pocket HD School Bus Kit
Part Number: 918019
Price: $3,100.00
NEXIQ Pocket HD with Complete ABS and HD/LMT DPF Software
Part Number: 798021
Price: $2,050.00
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