Cranes and Accessories

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Engine Leveler
Part Number: WLMW41030
Price: $78.70
Engine Transverse Bar with Support Arm
Part Number: AST5820
Price: $119.79
Meyer Hydraulics: Truck-Tractor Jack Crane
Part Number: 16970
Price: $4,925.00
OTC: 2,000 Lb. Capacity Load-Rotor® Positioning Sling
Part Number: 1805
Price: $930.14
OTC: Load Leveler
Part Number: 1812
Price: $2,199.11
Safe Shop: Boa Grip Gas Cylinder Sling
Part Number: 160400-70
Price: $195.95
2500 lbs Capacity Foldable Engine Crane
Part Number: 78106A
Price: $2,298.48
Electro Hydraulic Floor Crane
Part Number: 78605A
Price: $10,650.00
Floor Crane Air/Hydraulic
Part Number: 78600B
Price: $8,718.00
2200 lb. Capacity Heavy Duty Floor Crane
Part Number: OTC1819
Price: $6,425.43
4400 lb. Capacity Heavy Duty Floor Crane
Part Number: OTC1820
Price: $9,190.47
6000 lb. Capacity Floor Crane With 2-Speed Hydraulic Hand Pump
Part Number: 1813
Price: $18,898.45
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Foldable, Mounted & Shop Cranes

Shop and truck cranes are a must-have in any large vehicle garage for optimal efficiency in lifting and repositioning. Explore our selection of shop cranes, from standard heavy-duty floor cranes and air/hydraulic cranes to foldable shop cranes with collapsible configurations that allow for easy storage and transport. A truck-mounted crane is ideal for drivers requiring mobile lifting and material handling. Safety ladders and steps can help you out even further when trucking.

We also have a variety of truck load levelers, engine levelers, and positioning slings for precise balancing and safer lifting. Find pullers and electric hoists for your team’s essential heavy-duty trucking demands.

Our assortment of heavy-duty truck cranes includes a range of sizes, features, and weight allowances, up to 4 tons. Don’t miss picking up a trolley, fifth wheel lifter, bar pushing unit, and additional crane accessories for added convenience. Unique Truck Equipment is your destination for reliable heavy-duty trucking solutions, from cranes to vehicle specialty tools.