Transmission Jack Adapters

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Allison 3070 TP Transmission Adapter for 16200
Part Number: 16275
Price: $398.97
Automotive to H-D Adapter for Models 72700A and 72701A
Part Number: 72531
Price: $264.45
Eaton Transmission Adapter For 5019
Part Number: OTC543284
Price: $306.51
Ford 4F27E Transmission Saddle Adapter
Part Number: 72527
Price: $336.90
Ford 6R140 Transmission Adapter
Part Number: 72004
Price: $338.59
Ford 6R80 Trans. Saddle Adapter
Part Number: 72528
Price: $358.05
Ford CD4E Transmission Adapter
Part Number: 72513
Price: $283.11
Ford Diesel Exhaust Saddle Adapter
Part Number: 72529
Price: $385.39
Ford E40D Truck & 4RIOD 4 x 4 Trans. Adapter
Part Number: 72507B
Price: $276.01
Ford F650 Adapter
Part Number: 72512
Price: $307.26
Fuller Transmissioin Saddle Adapter for 72000E and 72000EI
Part Number: 72003
Price: $308.11
Heavy Duty Differential Adapter
Part Number: 72001
Price: $295.24
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Transmission Adapter FAQs

Q: What is the difference between a transmission and a floor jack?

A: The main difference between a transmission and a floor jack is their design and intended use. A transmission jack is designed to handle transmissions’ unique shape and weight. A transmission jack has features like tilting mechanisms and saddle adjustments to safely and securely hold the transmission during removal, installation, or maintenance. A floor jack has a flat lifting surface designed to raise vehicles from strong structural points, typically on the vehicle’s undercarriage.

Q: Can transmission jack adapters be used for tasks other than transmission removal?

A: Yes, while primarily meant for transmission work, these adapters can also be used to remove or install other components like fuel tanks, exhaust systems, or similar tasks requiring secure support. They provide the versatility needed for various jobs in professional garages. However, always maintain safety precautions when using it for non-intended purposes.

Q: Can I use a floor jack to remove a transmission?

A: Using a floor jack to remove a transmission is not recommended due to safety and stability concerns. Floor jacks are not designed to support the uneven weight distribution of a transmission, which is when an adapter is employed. A floor jack transmission adapter allows it to support a transmission. For safety and efficiency, it’s best to use a transmission jack equipped with an adapter specifically designed for this purpose.

Unique Truck Equipment carries the transmission jack adapters your fleet garage needs when handling heavy-duty truck maintenance tasks. Transmission adapters are connected to transmission jacks to securely support transmissions when working, making them indispensable tools for mechanics. Our selection includes transmission jack adapter kits, transmission saddle adapters, differential adapters, and model-specific designs for manufacturers like Eaton and Ford. We have the adapters and related jacks or lifting equipment to meet any of your heavy-duty trucking demands.

Browse our full range of transmission jack attachments for standard and floor jacks. Standard and floor jack transmission adapters can simplify your operations and improve transmission, truck, and mechanic safety. Check out more essential maintenance tools, like engine stands, cranes, and truck steps, to keep your fleet rolling. Unique Truck Equipment delivers the right tools to keep your garage functioning at peak efficiency and your fleet ready and reliable.