Wheel Dollies

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1 Ton Dual Wheel Dolly with Front and Rear Swivel Casters
Part Number: 82301D
Price: $1,533.54
1/2 ton Capacity Air/Hydraulic High Lift Wheel Dolly
Part Number: 82304
Price: $3,874.72
1/2 Ton High Lift Wheel Dolly
Part Number: 82302B
Price: $2,078.88
1500 Lb. Capacity Hydraulic Wheel Dolly
Part Number: SUN1501
Price: $843.29
1500 Lb. Capacity Wheel Dolly
Part Number: 82320
Price: $1,052.87
Forklift Tire Handler:10000 lb. Capacity
Part Number: KL30105
Price: $4,323.39
Heavy Duty Truck Wheel Dolly
Part Number: S-25
Price: $2,681.25
Hein-Werner Wheel Dolly - 3/4 Ton
Part Number: HW93766
Price: $1,827.67
Mahle - CWD-1500 - 1,500 lb. Wheel Dolly
Part Number: 485 80114 00
Price: $1,577.00
Mahle - CWD-600 - 600 lb. Wheel Dolly
Part Number: 485 80165 00
Price: $3,879.00
Atlas Pneumatic Portable Wheel Lift
Price: $999.00
Martins Industries Power Lifter - Wheel Lifter for SUV & LT Tires
Part Number: MTWL
Price: $1,980.48
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Wheel Dollies and Tire and Wheel Lifts for Heavy-Duty Trucks

A high-capacity wheel dolly and wheel lift are both invaluable tools for repositioning and maintenance work. A truck wheel dolly is a type of specialty truck equipment with durable construction for stability and high-capacity weight distribution. Due to swivel casters and larger wheels, a truck wheel dolly has enhanced mobility that makes it easier to reposition or transport large vehicle wheels within a garage.

At Unique Truck Equipment, we have high lift wheel dollies, dual wheel dollies, hydraulic wheel dollies, and more able to hold up to 1,500 pounds. We even have select wheel dollies, carts, and handlers for tires. You’ll also find auto dolly and tire taxi options for vehicle parts.

A heavy-duty wheel lift is designed to hoist and secure the wheels of a truck, enabling it to be transported or towed without the need for a crane. Shop for a heavy-duty tire and wheel lift, portable lift, or power lifter that makes it easier to handle and transport heavy objects.

Browse our comprehensive products for wheel lifts and dollies, along with additional jacks and lifting gear, to save you effort and time when maintaining your fleet for the open road.