Engine Stand Adapters

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Caterpillar Engine Adapter Mounting Plate
Part Number: OTC205060
Price: $1,614.10
Caterpillar Engine Mounting Adapter
Part Number: 78164
Price: $924.76
Caterpiller Engine Adapter (3114, 3116, 3176)
Part Number: 78169
Price: $506.40
Cummins Engine Adapter for ISX15
Part Number: 78175
Price: $690.00
Cummins Engine Mounting Adapter
Part Number: 78163
Price: $567.30
Detroit Allison Transmission Mounting Adapter
Part Number: 78167
Price: $463.60
Detroit Diesel Engine Mounting Adapter
Part Number: 78162
Price: $640.50
Detroit Engine Adapter (6V, 8V Series 71 Detroit)
Part Number: 78168
Price: $707.60
Detroit Engine Adapter (HT740D, HT750, HT750CT, CLBT, CR/DR)
Part Number: 78173
Price: $480.00
Ford Engine Adapter (6.6L, 7.8L)
Part Number: 78174
Price: $870.00
Ford Engine Adapter 6.2L
Part Number: 78202
Price: $441.72
Ford Engine Adapter 6.4L
Part Number: 78201
Price: $392.95
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Engine Adapter FAQs

Q: What are the different types of engine stand adapters?

A: Different adapters include those for various engine configurations, transmission and engine stand adapters for gearbox maintenance, and universal adapters designed to fit a wide range of engines. Specialized adapters are made for specific engine models to guarantee a perfect fit and thorough support during engine repair tasks.

Q: When is an engine stand adapter needed?

A: An engine stand adapter is needed to securely mount an engine or transmission on a stand for maintenance, repair, or assembly. It’s particularly crucial when working on engines with unique mounting requirements or when precise positioning is necessary to access certain parts of the engine.

Q: What should I look for when choosing an engine stand adapter plate?

A: An engine mounting plate or adapter plate distributes weight evenly and provides multiple mounting points to ensure compatibility with various engine models. When selecting an engine stand adapter plate, consider the brand, material durability like high-quality steel plates, compatibility with your engine stand and engine type, and the plate’s weight capacity.

Engine stand adapters are essential for fleet garages due to the various engine types and sizes that require maintenance. Unique Truck Equipment stocks adapters that accommodate most manufacturers and sizes. Shop Volvo, Mack, Cummins engine stand adapters, and more from familiar brands.

Engine stands secure engines and transmissions during maintenance or assembly, but the wide range of engine types and configurations often necessitates engine adapters. If an engine or transmission doesn't fit the stand securely, engine adapters are necessary for safely transitioning between different engine models. You’ll also find related equipment, such as transmission engine stand adapters, engine mount adapters, and mounting plates.

Streamline more of your automotive tasks with the jacks and lifting equipment or specialty truck tools your operation requires. For all your vehicle servicing needs—from engine stand and transmission adapters to engine stand adapter plates—trust Unique Truck Equipment to keep your fleet running smoothly.