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Heavy-Duty Automotive Battery Testers & Chargers

Don't get stuck with a dead battery. In addition to essential truck lighting, always stash an automotive battery tester and truck battery charger in your cab to avoid draining your battery. Our modern battery chargers and testers, as well as boosters, will help you keep your fleet running without a lot of work. Unique Truck Equipment carries some of the best brands in the business, including Goodall, Solar, and Associated.

Explore our range of automotive/truck battery testers, booster cables, booster packs, truck battery chargers (including portable chargers), generators, and starting equipment. Invest in peace of mind with essential tools for diagnosing battery conditions and preventing unexpected breakdowns.

For on-the-go convenience, consider our portable battery chargers, ensuring reliable starts wherever your fleet operates. Unique Truck Equipment’s high-quality, reliable, and efficient battery chargers and testers, along with electronic and diagnostic products, are tailored to the demands of commercial heavy-duty trucking.