Our Story

The year was 1993 when founder Dick Stillwell took his creative spirit, his entrepreneurial vision and started Unique Truck Equipment Inc. His goal was to serve the Heavy Duty Trucking industry by providing safety products and tools to help drivers and mechanics work more safely and efficiently.

Unique’s flagship product E-Z Step remains a best-seller to this day and is manufactured in and distributed from Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Over the years Unique has grown into a successful company and has become proficient in multiple channels including: e-commerce, catalog sales, government sales, and manufacturing/distribution.

Today under the leadership of Ryan DeWard, Unique has positioned itself as a market leader by developing the following strengths:

  1. Diagnostic Expertise
  2. Expansive Product Knowledge
  3. Strong Vendor Relations
  4. Prompt Follow Up
  5. Excellent Customer Service
  6. Pre-Sale Consultation
  7. Experienced Employees
  8. Personalized Custom Solutions

As you get to know us, we look forward to continuing the tradition and providing you and your fleet with “The Right Tools Every Time”.