Greasable Clevis Pins 5/8"

Part Number: 74958
Price: $90.00
Ships Direct From Manufacturer
Winter weather causes corrosion of standard clevis pins, the greasable clevis pin makes your life much easier and are well worth the investment.

SAFETY - STOPS seizing and binding of air brakes. The new clevis pin keeps the pushrod/slack adjuster connection and clevis well lubricated eliminating virtually all major brake malfunctions.

INSTALLATION - It takes less than 5 minutes to install the clevis pin and can be quickly installed during annual FHWA equipment inspection eliminating any downtime.

CONSTRUCTION - The 5/8" Greasable Clevis Pin is made of cold rolled alloy metal with a tensile strength of 150,000 lbs. and treated with a seven-year corrosion resistant finish.

APPLICATION - The patented clevis pin is a direct replacement for ALL power units and trailers with automatic or manual slack adjusters. PACKAGING - Packaged in quantities of 10.