Brake Sentry: Visual Brake Stroke Indicators

Brake Sentry: Visual Brake Stroke Indicators
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Equipping brake chambers with BrakeSentry provides drivers and technicians with a significant advantage, a quick and effective means to visually inspect and identify any brake out-of-adjustment conditions that ordinarily remain undetected and expose fleets to the high costs, risks and liabilities associated with trucking's deadliest and most frequently cited defect.

By using BrakeSentry, the industry prescribed applied stroke inspection method can now be performed faster, safer and much more efficiently without the need to crawl under vehicles to physically mark and measure pushrod stroke. A simple visual inspection of stroke measured in 1/4" increments gets the job done.

BrakeSentry reduces brake inspection time from an average 25 minutes per unit to less than 2 minutes. That's more than an 85% savings in labor time!

BrakeSentry reduces costs, risks and liabilities and improves every aspect of brake safety, maintenance and compliance.

BrakeSentry- Advantages, Benefits & Features

  • Reduces PM inspections by more than 85%
  • Quickly identifies failures and defects for prompt correction
  • Eliminates the need to physically reference and measure at each wheel position
  • Eliminates damaging manual adjustments to auto slacks
  • Reduces safety lane inspection time
  • Provides an effective troubleshooting aid to mechanics
  • Provides a valuable aid to drivers performing pre/post trip inspections
  • Reduces costly downtime, OOS violations and fines

BrakeSentry is easily installed in 3-minutes with no special tools required. It is made from a flexible and unbreakable material and fits all brake chambers with external 5/8" push rod.  Brake Sentry is non-invasive and non-obstructive, and has a dual function of stroke indicator and brake chamber seal. There is no need to disassemble existing components and its functionality and visibility are not affected by road dirt.


Example: 50 tandem axle trucks. Each receiving one PM inspection per month. Average time to properly inspect brake stroke adjustment at 25 minutes using the industry prescribed Applied Stroke method. (Requires referencing each brake chamber's push rod while brakes are released, then measuring push rod travel at each wheel position with brakes applied)

Without BrakeSentry:

50 vehicles x 25 minutes = 1,250 or 20.8 hours per month

20.8 hours per month x 12 months = 249.6 hours per year

Average labor rate of $40.00 per hr x 20.8 hours = $832.00 per month

$832.00 per month x 12 months = $9,984.00 per year

The industry prescribed Applied Stroke method can now be done in a fraction of the time without having to mark and measure stroke at each wheel position.

With BrakeSentry:

50 vehicles X 2 minutes = 100 minutes or 1.7 hours per month

1.7 hours per month X 12 months = 20.4 hours per year

$40.00 (labor rate) X 1.7 hrs = $68.00 per month

$68.00 per month X 12 months = $816.00 per year


249.6 hrs/yr
W/O BrakeSentry $9,984.00 per yr
With BrakeSentry $816.00 per yr 20.4 hrs/yr
SAVINGS $9,168.00 per yr 229.2 hrs/yr

Each kit contains product to complete one axle / two chambers.

Each kit includes 2 indicators, 2 clips, 2 gauges + 2 brackets & fasteners