TSI Back Buddy II 350B - Drum and Hub Dolly

Part Number: 16350
Price: $2,440.00
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The Back Buddy" II tool prevents injuries from dangerous lifting and carrying. It rolls under, bolts on and rolls out with the drum and hub assemblies, then lays over for servicing. Reassembly is quick and precise because the Back Buddy" II tool angles for perfect hub alignment, eliminating seal damage and costly comebacks!


  • Fold down handle allows for brake maintenance on virtually all class 6, 7 & 8 vehicles
  • Racheting jack system features a one ton lever hoist which is 20 times faster than the original screw jack system yet still allows the same precise control
  • Standing only 37" high with handle folded down.

A Must Have For:

  • School and transit bus fleets
  • City, county, federal shops
  • Government motor pools
  • Private shops
  • Fleet shops
  • Military vehicles
  • Service shops

Changing adapters is as easy as pulling out a spring-loaded locator pin and inserting the adapter. With a simple change of adapters, users of the Back Buddy" II tool can change it from an inboard hub/drum lifting device to an outboard drum or spoke lifting device in seconds!

The Back Buddy II comes with both the 10-hole Inboard (P/N 16352) & Outboard (P/N 16353) Hubs & Drums 11.25 on Center adapters.

Optional adapters are also available.