Top 5 Trailer Access Ladders

Top 5 Access Ladders

Safety is essential in today’s industries. Accessing a trailer bed or engine compartment safely is easily done with one of these top 5 access ladders.

Number 5: Slide Away Step

Slide Away Step on Box Truck

The larger, bolt-on, or weld-on Slide Away Step is a great option for trailer access. This ladder is available with two or three rungs and has flat step treads. It also slides under the bed of the trailer when not in use.

Number 4: Deckmate Ladder

Deckmate on Flatbed

If your flat bed has a rub rail, you may consider the very popular Deckmate ladder for accessing the trailer surface. The Deckmate has a 400lb. capacity but weighs only 20lbs. The ladder extends to 53” and is 18” wide and has two loops for hand holds. It is foldable for storage. There is also a mounting bracket available if you do not have a rub rail on your trailer.

Number 3: IAS6950 Trucker Ladder Rub Rail Mount

Trucker 1 on Flatbed

The IAS6950 is another option for accessing the flat bed by hanging a ladder on the rub rail. This ladder also has a mounting bracket available. The IAS6950 is 21” W and 71” L when in use. This ladder is aluminum and has three flat rungs and two tall hand rails. This ladder has an optional Self Storage Rack, IAS6000 for stowing the ladder under the trailer bed when not in use.

Number 2: EZ Step Ladder

E-Z Step on Dump Truck

This job, done multiple times each day by drivers, is hazardous due to the height of the bed of the trailer. The best ladders for this job will be stored or hidden under the trailer when not in use. Unique Truck Equipment’s solution for accessing the trailer is the EZ Step. The EZ Step is available with one, two or three rungs and when not in use the driver pushes it under the truck bed to stow, just like a cabinet drawer.

Number 1: Big Truck Tire Step

Big Truck Tire Step on Steer Tire

Our incredibly popular Big Truck Tire Step enables mechanics and drivers to access the engine compartment or windscreen of their truck safely. The only tire step made with a non-slip platform on top of the tread of the tire, the Big Truck Tire Step is available for every truck size – and super single width tires. This step is being used by DOT’s nationwide, and the military as well. Eliminate injuries from standing on the tread of tires with the Big Truck Tire Step.