Top 5 Trailer Access Ladders

Safety is essential in today's industries. Accessing a trailer, flatbed, dump bed, or engine compartment safely is easily accomplished with these top 5 access ladders.

#1 Big Truck Tire Step

The incredibly popular Big Truck Tire Step enables mechanics and drivers to access the engine compartment or windscreen of their truck safely. It’s the only tire step made with a non-slip platform on top of the tire tread, and it is available for every truck tire size - including super single width tires. This step is being used nationwide by DOT's, repair shops, and the military. The Big Truck Tire Step will reduces risk of costly injuries associated with standing directly on the tire tread.

#2 E-Z Step

Drivers routinely need to access their trailer or flatbed multiple times each day, but this is a safety hazard due to the height of the bed. The best ladders for this job are stored or hidden under the trailer when not in use. Unique Truck Equipment's solution for accessing the trailer is the E-Z Step, which stows under the truck bed with a simple lift and push from the driver. The E-Z step is available in one, two, or three rungs to accommodate a variety of bed heights.

#3 IAS Trucker 1 Ladder

The IAS Trucker 1 Ladder is an option for accessing flatbeds by hanging the ladder on the rub rail. This ladder also has a mounting bracket available to hang the ladder when a rub rail is not an option. The Trucker 1 Ladder is made of aluminum and has wide, flat rungs and two tall handrails. An optional storage rack is available to stow the ladder with the trailer when not in use.

#4 Deckmate Ladder

If your flatbed has a rub rail, consider the very popular Deckmate Ladder for accessing the trailer surface. The Deckmate has a 400 lb.capacity and weighs only 20 lbs. The Deckmate extends to 53" and is 18" wide. A mounting bracket is available when a rub rail is not an option. The Deckmate folds for easy storage when not in use.

#5 Swing Down Steps

Secure the Swing Down Step in any existing stake pocket or mount a bracket anywhere on the trailer for easy access. Unlike the rub rail mounted ladder options, the Swing Down Step can stay on the trailer while in motion, allowing for quick access when needed. The Swing Down Step is available in 2 or 3 steps, single or double handles, and standard or wide rungs. The adjustable Swing Down Step options fit an existing stake pocket, while solid stake Swing Down Steps include a mountable stake pocket.

The Top Trailer Access Ladders