E-Z Step 2-Step

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The E-Z Step 2-Step from Unique Truck Equipment provides convenient access to truck flatbeds, box trailers, and vans. As part of the E-Z Step line that includes the 1-Step and 3-Step, these easy-to-use steps provide heavy-duty truck drivers with a portable, straightforward solution for high areas. Installation is a breeze for this innovative truck 2-step—simply bolt it on, and it’s ready to go.

The E-Z Step 2-Step features a Sure-Grip surface that enhances traction under all weather conditions, making it a reliable choice for daily operations. Finished with a durable black powder coat and supported by a lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship, the E-Z Step is the perfect choice for commercial fleets. Our E-Z Step is also made in the USA and manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 Standards.

The E-Z Step 2-Step is your go-to for efficiency and improved safety, whether for commercial trucking, food service trailers, or van operations. Explore our stock of truck steps and safety ladders for even more options, and don’t forget to check that you have all your necessary jacks and lifting equipment or safety and security items. Unique Truck Equipment has all the supplies your fleet demands.

E-Z Step Uses:

  • Food service trailers
  • Heavy-duty trucks
  • Rear doors
  • Salt spreaders
  • Side doors
  • Snowplows
  • Van bodies

E-Z Step Specs:

  • Dimensions in Down Position: Length: 23”, Out from Truck: 12”
  • Dimensions Stowed: Length: 22-1/2”, Length from Bottom of Truck/Trailer: 15”
  • Length: 28”
  • Rungs: 2
  • Width: 14.5”
  • Weight: 20 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 400 lbs

E-Z Step FAQs

Q: Where should an E-Z Step 2-Step be positioned on a truck?

A: The E-Z Step 2-Step should be bolted on in areas of your truck where easy access is crucial, such as snowplow/salt spreaders, rear and side doors of trucks, food service trailers, vans, and flatbed trailers. The step should be positioned safely and securely to facilitate cargo containment inspections and regular access.

Q: What are the most important safety precautions for truck steps?

A: Truck ladders like the E-Z Step 2-Step should be securely attached as directed, most commonly bolted onto the base to prevent movement during use. Movable steps, like the Big Truck Tire Step, must be securely attached to the tire. Regularly check the anti-slip treads to maintain maximum traction. Always inspect steps and ladders before use to confirm everything is in working order.