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About the NEXIQ Technologies Brand

The NEXIQ Technologies™ brand brings over 20 years of expertise in transportation diagnostics and I.T. solutions to the commercial vehicle market. NEXIQ is a leading provider of diagnostic products for truck, automotive, fleet operators, and truck leasing companies. Known for innovation and reliability, NEXIQ’s products include advanced diagnostic tools and software that meet the needs of modern fleets. NEXIQ Bluetooth adapters, comprehensive diagnostic kits, and easy-to-use software provide accurate and efficient vehicle maintenance. For dependable solutions, fleet operators choose NEXIQ.

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NEXIQ Bluetooth Adapter
Part Number: 405001
Price: $89.50
NEXIQ DOC Aftertreatment Service Kit
Part Number: 307000
Price: $200.95
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NEXIQ Bluetooth Adapters & Accessories

As an authorized dealer of the NEXIQ Technologies™ brand, Unique Truck Equipment offers a wide range of diagnostic products trusted by fleet managers and heavy-duty truck drivers. We stock the latest and most trusted NEXIQ accessories, NEXIQ adapters, NEXIQ scan tools, NEXIQ software, and NEXIQ USB links. NEXIQ accessories, like the NEXIQ Bluetooth Adapter and various service kits, provide seamless diagnostics and connectivity, essential for effective heavy-duty trucking operations.

Fleet operators rely on NEXIQ for superior diagnostic tools that enhance vehicle performance and streamline maintenance. NEXIQ accessories support diagnostic tools and software to aid in improving connectivity and performance for sounder heavy-duty truck maintenance and troubleshooting. Explore our NEXIQ Technologies™ section for the diagnostic and electronic tools, software, and more that keep your fleet in top condition.