12-1/2 Ton Bottle Jack with Gauge Hole

Part Number: 76412BG
Price: $150.30
Ships Direct From Manufacturer


For automotive, industrial, agricultural, marine, recreation and construction applications where lifting, pushing, spreading, bending, pressing or straightening are required.


  • Two piece zinc plated handle.
  • Prevent rust with "Parkerized" pump piston, ram and extension screw
  • No leak "Uniweld" construction
  • 50% safety overload factor.
  • State of the art design reduces repair time.
  • Longer wear life due to internally machined oil passages, smooth bearing surfaces and close tolerances.
  • Lightweight forged base provides more steel only where strength is required.
  • The heavy-duty extension screw and release valve were designed to eliminate parts and reduce the chances of breakage and excessive wear.
  • Safety bypass and overload systems prevent cylinder damage and prevent the jack from being used beyond the ASME/PASE load-limiting standard
  • Designed with a removable plug so a gauge can be adapted to the jack.
  • "G" models are designed with a removable plug so a gauge can be adapted to the jack.
  • Low Lift Height: 9.4488"
  • High Lift Height: 18.8976"
  • Stroke: 5.9055"
  • Screw Extension: 3.5433"
  • Base Size: 5.5118" x 5.5118"