Emerson Model 220 Air Jack/Safety Stands (Pair) - 48,000lb

Part Number: EMR220
Price: $2,875.00
Item Usually Ships in 3-4 Weeks - Direct From Manufacturer

Lift confidently using the Emerson Model 220 Air Jack/Safety Stand. This Emerson Air Jack boasts a 48,000 lb capacity per pair and delivers 4 tons more lifting power than competing brands. This pair features polyurethane-bonded lifting saddles, enhancing grip and safety by reducing the risk of slippage.

The Emerson 220 Air Jack’s patented, beveled piston and guide design provides a smooth and secure lifting and lowering action, adapting to the arc of the load for safer operations. These air jacks are built to last, with quick-snap detachable handles and a coated cylinder to prevent rust and corrosion.

The double air valve setup allows simultaneous operation of both jacks, making your tasks more efficient. Whether lifting heavy-duty trucks or needing a reliable portable jack stand, the Emerson Air Jack/Safety Stand is your go-to. Don’t forget to check out Unique Truck’s other lifting equipment or specialty shop tools to keep your fleet rolling.

Emerson 220 Air Jack Includes

  • 48,000 LB capacity per pair
  • 4 ton more lifting power than other brands
  • Polyurethane bonded lifting saddles for increased safety against slipping
  • Patented, beveled piston & guide which allows the ram to follow the arc of the load, giving a smoother, safer lifting and lowering action
  • Quick snap detachable handles
  • Coated cylinder that inhibits rust & corrosion for longer life
  • Double air valve setup to run both jacks simultaneously

**This item contains both long and short extensions, polyurethane bonded saddle & 2 safety pins.

Emerson Jack & Stand FAQs

Q: Can the Emerson air jacks be used individually, or must they be used in pairs?

A: A While the Emerson Model 220 Air Jack/Safety Stands come as a pair, each jack has a 12-ton capacity and can be used individually, allowing for flexibility based on your lifting needs. Using them together increases the capacity to 24 tons, suitable for heavier vehicles. Always adhere to the recommended safety guidelines for weight capacity to prevent accidents and deliver a secure lifting environment.

Q: Are air jacks more stable than regular jacks?

A: Yes, air jacks, like the Emerson Model 220 Air Jack/Safety Stand, offer greater stability than traditional jacks due to their wide base and even pressure distribution. Designed for heavy-duty use, they can lift up to 48,000 lbs per pair. Their polyurethane-bonded saddles prevent slipping, and a beveled piston design provides smooth lifting and lowering for stronger stability.

Emerson 220 Air Jack Specs:

  • Height Lowest (w/o extensions): 16”
  • Height High (w/ extensions): 54”
  • Height Long Extension (adjustable): 24”
  • Short Extension: 6
  • Ram Travel: 10”
  • Safety Pin positions: 3
  • Base Diameter: 15”
  • Capacity: 12 tons (single), 24 tons (pair)