Air/Hyd Pump, Hand Activated - 3,250 P.S.I.

Part Number: 910020
Price: $606.25
Ships Direct From Manufacturer

For industrial and construction jobs that require single-acting rams up to 55 ton capacity. The added convenience of an air motor reduces pumping time and effort.

  • Models 910017B and 910018B are designed to utilize exhaust air to help power the pump, requiring only 80 p.s.i. air pressure to develop 10,000 p.s.i. hydraulic pressure.
  • Air exhaust muffler for quieter operation.
  • Air and oil inlet filters for reduced risk of damage from contamination.
  • Designed with durable light weight, corrosion resistant plastics.
  • Internal pressure relief valve for overload protection.
  • Model 910020 operates in all positions for increased versatility in use and mounting.
  • All air pumps are designed to be used with single-acting cylinders.

Model 910020

Same as the models 910017A and 910018A but with use with rams that do not exceed 36 cubic inch oil capacity