No-Jack Complete Lift Kit

No-Jack Complete Kit
Part Number: NJ-KIT
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The No-Jack Complete Lift Kit is the perfect solution for tow truck operators who care about working safely and efficiently. The No-Jack allows a wrecker’s self-loading wheel lift to be utilized as an on-site automotive service jack. Operators can lift an automobile with ease to install a spare tire or reposition broken ball joints and tie rods before towing. This Kit offers the functionality of the NJ-100 Lifter, a heavy duty adapter pad for lifting at the rocker panel, and 3" and 5" extensions for varied height needs. Save by purchasing the kit vs. individual parts alone.

Part Numbers

NJ-1 --  Adapter and Pad
NJ-3 --  3 inch extension
NJ-5 --  5 inch extension

To purchase the the NJ-100 only, click here.

The No-Jack Advantage

  • Reduces the need for service jacks
  • Effortless control arm loading
  • Zero set-up time reduces the time operators spend on busy roadsides
  • Compact enough to be stored behind truck seats, behind tool boxes, or mounted
  • Capable of pivoting 90 degrees with wheel lift
  • Extends reach of claws by 10”
  • Perfect for rear differential loading
  • Grab handles make it easy to carry, reducing the potential for back injuries