Jack Jeep 48in 7000 lbs

Jack Jeep 48in 7000 lbs
Part Number: AMG14200
Price: $173.51
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Features and Benefits:

  • 48" jack with all malleable castings, 7,000 lbs. lifting capacity, ratings established with load at a height of one (1) foot
  • A versatile tool (with the flick of a lever) that will lift, push, or pull anything
  • Saves man-hours and out-of-service time in pole line maintenance
  • Used  for telephone, telegraph, light, power, railroad, and street railway companies for pulling or straightening poles without digging
  • Also used to pull structural members together, holding or adjusting concrete forms, clamping and holds parts for welding or assembly
Jeep Jack 48" lift has 7,000 lbs. of lifting capacity.  Applications: use chain or cable attachments for taking up slack in cable, wire, wire fences, and conveyor belts.  Lifts equipment, small buildings and trucks.  Also good for fence work and winching.  Pulls machinery and lifts or lowers them for installation or maintenance.  Many other uses when used with cable or chain.