Q. Which methods of payment are accepted?

A. We accept the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. We also accept Debit Cards, PayPal, ACH (electronic check), Purchase Orders (with approval), and Unique Truck Gift Cards.


Q. Do you accept American Express?

A. We prefer that you use another credit card. If the American Express card is linked to a PayPal account we can accept payment from your PayPal account.


Q. What do the letters in the “Ship Via” on my invoice mean?

A. The three-digit Ship Via code on your invoice refers to the method in which your order will ship. Examples of ship via codes:

  • UPS = shipping via UPS Ground
  • UP1 = shipping via UPS Next Day
  • UP2 = shipping via UPS 2nd Day
  • USS = shipping via freight truck
  • DRP = shipping from manufacturer warehouse



Q. Can I apply for credit?

A. Any business can apply for credit. We have a standard credit application you must complete. The application can take up to 2 weeks to be approved. If you want to expedite the order, we recommend placing your first order with a credit card.


Q. Can I apply a coupon code or gift card to my order?

A. Gift cards and coupon codes are accepted at checkout. If you have any troubles applying the code, contact us immediately.


Q. Will I be charged sales tax?

A. Sales tax may be applied to your order. If you are ordering in Michigan, you will be charged sales tax. Depending on the product in the shopping cart, other states may also incur taxes. Customer is responsible for the payment directly to their state if owed but not charged at the time of the order.


Q. When will my credit card be charged?

A. In order to process your order, credit cards are charged immediately regardless of product availability or expected ship date. If your company has been approved for Net 30 terms we can delay the billing upon request.

Q. How do I opt-in to receive your emails?

A. There are multiple ways to receive our emails. 1) If you are buying a product you can check the box to receive emails from Unique Truck Equipment. 2) You can sign up near the bottom of the webpage with your email address.


Q. Why should I sign up for your emails?

A. Receiving our emails gives you the ability to stay current on all the new products at UniqueTruck.com. You also receive notice of any specials we are running. Use these coupon codes to save on your next order.


Q. I received an email from another company asking me to review my purchase with UniqueTruck.com. What should I do?

A. You will receive an invitation to leave a review about your order with UniqueTruck.com. The review should only take a couple minutes and provides us with valuable feedback about your experience.

Q. Do you offer Government pricing?

A. We do have a Government department that works with Federal, State, Counties, and Local Municipalities. If you are in need of a quote, please contact [email protected].


Q. Can I order using a Purchase Order?

A. Yes, we accept purchase orders from Government entities. No credit application is needed.

Q. How are shipping charges calculated for international orders?

A. International orders will require a special freight quote. Our flat rate shipping tiers do not apply to international orders.


Q. Can I use my own shipping account?

A. Yes, we encourage it. We can use your UPS, Fedex, DHL or freight account to ship your items.


Q. What payment methods are available for international orders?

A. All orders outside of the United States and Canada require a wire transfer before the order will ship. To complete the order, contact us and we will send you our wire transfer form. Once the wire transfer is complete, your order will ship.


Q. Are any fees added to international orders?

A. In addition to Shipping and Handling fees, a $100 international wire fee is applied to each international order to cover the various foreign and domestic bank charges.

Q. Do you offer product discounts?

A. Yes, on occasion products are discounted. Sign up for our weekly email to be made aware of discounts as they become available.


Q. Do you match competitors prices?

A. We will price match reputable companies published prices. We reserve the right not to match a price from an unauthorized reseller, a non-matching item, or where our Cost of Goods will not allow us.


Q. I saw a different price for this item on your website the last time I visited. Why is it different now?

A. Prices change frequently. We must keep up with manufacturing costs and market fluctuations. We do watch the pricing on the market, so you can always be sure you are getting a fair price with Unique Truck Equipment.

Q. How can I become a reseller of your products?

A. We are looking to expand our reseller network. Contact us with which products you are interested in reselling, complete a brief reseller application and agreement, provide us with your reseller certificate and we can get you setup right away!


Q. Do resellers receive discounted pricing?

A. We do offer discounted pricing for our resellers. The pricing is determined by the product and quantity. Contact us for a current reseller price sheet.


Q. Can I order with a Purchase Order?

A. Purchase orders are accepted from approved resellers. If you would like to apply for credit terms contact us and we will send you our credit application. Approval can take up to 2 weeks to complete. If you wish to expedite your order, we recommend using a credit card on the initial order.


Q. Can you set me up as tax exempt?

A. With a valid reseller certificate, we can set your account as tax exempt.

Q. Who do I contact for a warranty claim?

A. You can contact the manufacturer of the item directly. If you would like us to help, you can contact Unique Truck Equipment and we will assist in processing your warranty claim with the manufacturer.


Q. How do I return an item?

A. If you must return an item, please contact Unique Truck Equipment. You will be issued an RGA# (Rerturn Goods Authorization) and given further instructions on where to send the item.


Q. Are all items returnable?

A. Most items can be returned with in our 30-day return policy. PC Diagnostics and software are excluded due to the nature of diagnostics and software they cannot be resold once they have been purchased.


Q. Is there a restock fee?

A. Depending on the condition of the item, the amount of time between the initial order and the return and other factors, a restock fee may be required.


Q. I ordered the wrong item. Can I exchange it for the correct item?

A. Yes. We want to make sure you get the product you need. Contact us and we can help you get the correct item.

Q. Do you offer Same Day Shipping?

A. Yes, we can ship items in our warehouse with Same Day Shipping. If the item is in our warehouse and the order is placed before 1:30 PM EST you can request Same Day Shipping.


Q. Can I pick up my order from the warehouse?

A. That depends. You can request a pick up, but not all our warehouses have each product. Likewise, not every warehouse allows for pickup. If you would like to request to pick an item up, please contact us and we can assist you if your item is available at a warehouse near you.


Q. What is the typical lead time?

A. Lead times vary by product and manufacturer. Some products are built to order and require 4-6 weeks for delivery. If an item will take longer than 5-7 business days to ship, you will be contacted prior to your order being processed. If you have questions on the lead time you contact us on chat or email at [email protected].


Q. How do you determine the shipping rate?

A. Shipping rates are determined based on the weight and size of the item. The total weight of the items in the shopping cart will determine the shipping price. You can view our shipping tiers on our Shipping Page.


Q. What exceptions are made to the shipping tiers?

A. Shipping exceptions are made on certain products. Certain items ship for free. Other large items or large quantities of items require special freight quotes. These special freight quotes incur charges above our normal tiered shipping prices. (i.e. liftgate, limited access, agricultural etc.)


Q. How are shipping charges calculated for international orders?

A. International orders will require a special freight quote.


Q. Can I use my own UPS / Fedex or shipping account?

A. Yes, you can use your own UPS or Fedex account. We can also use your own freight hauler or DHL for international orders.


Q. Do you offer expedited shipping?

A. Yes! You can choose to have your order shipped UPS Next Day or UPS Second Day. Additional shipping charges apply according to our tiered Flat Rate Shipping.


Q. Which shipping methods are available?

A. Ground shipping will ship via UPS, USPS Priority Mail or FedEx. Due to some items being shipped direct from the manufacturer, we are not always able to control which carrier is used.

Q. If I add an item to the cart does that mean it is in stock?

A. Not always. We do have several items that are built to order. Items also go on back order. In order to get the most accurate lead time please contact us via chat or email to inquire about product availability.


Q. Can I apply a coupon code to my order?

A. Coupon codes are accepted at checkout. If you have any troubles applying the code, contact us immediately.


Q. I’m having trouble checking out. What am I doing wrong?

A. In order to process your order please provide the following information:

Contact information including: valid email address and phone number, Complete shipping address & mailing address (if different), Shipping Method, Payment Method. If one of these required fields is left blank the cart will continue to prompt you until all the necessary items are provided.



Q. Why do I get an error when entering my email address on the Secure Checkout Page?

A. Make sure you are entering a valid email address such as [email protected]. If you are still having problems you may click on the "Login" link. Once you have logged in you can return to your cart and finish the checkout process. If you continue to have problems you may contact Unique Truck Equipment via email or phone.


Q. How can I enter a Purchase Order number when I am paying with a credit card?

A. You must enter your Purchase Order into the "Order Notes" section of the shopping cart before continuing to the checkout page. Then you can select "Credit Card" as your payment method. If you select "Purchase Order" as your payment method, any information previously entered in the Credit Card fields will be lost.


Q. Why can’t I complete checkout with an international order?

A. Orders outside of The United States of America and Canada will not be able to order online. A shipping method will not be made available at the checkout. International orders are required to contact Unique Truck Equipment via phone or email or chat. International orders require a special shipping quote and pre-payment via wire transfer in order to be processed.


Q. I received an error on my order. The error code is "15005". What is this?

A. The error code 15005 is an error from our payment gateway. It lets us know what a possible cause of the transaction being declined. This particular error is usually caused by your bank placing a hold on the transaction. This can be remedied by calling your bank to verify the transaction and that Unique Truck Equipment is the approved vendor.

Q. What is the typical lead time?

A. Lead times vary by product and manufacturer. Some products are built to order and require 4-6 weeks for delivery. If an item will take longer than 5-7 business days to ship, you will be contacted prior to your order being processed. If you have questions on the lead time you contact us on chat or email at [email protected].


Q. What happens when the item I ordered in on back order?

A. When an item has a back order status we will contact you with an estimated shipping date. Occasionally, this shipping date fluctuates due to unforeseen circumstances. We will process your order before placing the item on back order. This means, if you selected to pay with any method other than purchase order you will be charged at the time of ordering. By charging at the time of the order, we can ensure your place in line for the back ordered product.


Q. Where are your warehouses?

A. Unique Truck uses a network of warehouses all over the United States. Depending on the product you are interested in, we can have it shipped from one of many different states. Our Corporate headquarters is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan.