41" Heavy Duty Truck Tubeless Tire Iron

41" Heavy Duty Truck Tubeless Tire Iron
Part Number: KEN34647
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Features and Benefits: 

  • Standard tubeless - for use on truck, agricultural and industrial tires  
  • Patented one-piece design and heat treating assure durability  
  • Ends insert easily and will not cut or rip bead or sidewall 
  • Length: 41"; stock: 7/8"  
  • Weight: 7 lbs

The new design makes it easier to mount and demount tires without changing the way the tool is used. Mount end: precision forged knob grips rim. New design won’t slip during tire mounting. Special curved design always grabs the bead edge. Demount end: precision forged angled tip slides between bead and rim easily. Forged design won’t slip when demounting the second bead.