Kiene K-1211 Eaton Transmission with PTO Universal Jack Adapter

Part Number: K-1211
Price: $355.00
Item Usually Ships in 1-2 Weeks - Direct From Manufacturer

The K-1211 transmission jack adapter is a real game changer. It works on Eaton twin countershaft transmissions with most bottom mount PTOs. Safely and efficiently remove the transmission with a PTO still mounted and the transmission full of oil. Before now, doing a clutch job included: draining the fluid, removing the PTO and after completing the clutch, reinstalling the PTO with a new gasket, proper shims and new fluid. The new process using this adapter is simple. Mount the adapter to any heavy-duty transmission jack by following the provided instructions. Jack it up under the transmission, secure with the supplied strap and you are ready to safely remove it. Time is money in this business. Using this adapter will save you a few hours of time with the added safety of having the transmission securely mounted to your jack.

  • Drastically improve SAFETY by using a sturdy, purpose built adapter rather than wood blocks.
  • Save time by not draining the transmission and removing the PTO.