ESCO Bearing Cup Installer - Bolt Retained

Part Number: 40313
Price: $74.95
Ships Direct From Manufacturer

The ESCO Bearing Cup Installer – Bolt Retained for Spicer 1610 – 1880 Series Heavy Duty Bearings (MODEL 40313) is designed to be used for the installation of bearing cups on bolt-retained universal joints that are commonly found on class 6-8 transportation trucks and equipment. The tool will automatically align bearing cups during installation, reducing damage to needle bearings in the process and decreasing service time. This model fits the driveline for Spicer 1610 to 1880 series and most other heavy-duty truck and machine type u-joints that have bolt-retained bearing cups.

  • Easily and accurately install bolt-retained bearing caps in minutes on 1610-1880 yokes.
  • Reduces the risk of damaging needle bearing during installation.
  • Install bearing cup without the use of hammer eliminating the potential for dislocation of needle bearings, while protecting the surrounding vehicle components.
  • Two guide bolts perfectly align the bolt holes to the yoke, to achieve proper alignment every time.
  • Made of high-quality heavy-duty steel capable of withstanding rigorous and daily use in shop environments.
    Designed to be used with up to a 1/2 inch drive impact tool.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty