500 Lb. Capacity DPF Handler/Drive Shaft Installation Tool

Part Number: 72060
Price: $942.00
Ships Direct From Manufacturer


Also allows for the safe and secure removal and installation of DPFs & drive shafts.
Weight: 203 lbs.



  • Wide chassis with open front provides:
    - Wider opening for saddle and transmission to come lower to the ground for easy removal.
    - Efficient load distribution and stability.
    - Easy access to saddle tilt knobs.
  • Fully adjustable universal saddle with adjustable corner brackets and safety chain.
  • Safety overload system prevents jack from being used beyond the ASME/PASE load-limiting standard.
  • Full 360 degree rotating pump handle operates in any position.
  • Flash chromed ram inhibits rust from entering the hydraulic system.
  • Four full-swivel ball bearing caster wheels for easy positioning.
  • Wide chassis for efficient load distribution and stability.
  • Unique universal bean bag saddle eliminates the need for individual DPF transmission adapters.


Low Lift Height 7.375"
High Lift Height 32.125"
Length 36"
Width 26.5"
Saddle Size 17" x 17.5"
Shipping Weight 203 lbs.