ESCO U-Joint Puller Automotive

Part Number: 40302
Price: $99.95
Ships Direct From Manufacturer

The ESCO U-JOINT PULLERS are manufactured to withstand rigorous use in day-to-day service applications. Cast out of high-quality heavy-duty steel, U-Joint Pullers are built with quality and precision to last and deliver the best user experience possible. Specifically designed to eliminate the use of dangerous vice-and-socket or hammering methods, ESCO U-Joint Pullers aid in reducing the risk of damaging joints, bearing caps, yokes, and driveshafts. Engineered to be a solution in the shop and provide universal application use to get the job done. ESCO U-Joint Pullers are to be used with up to a 1 in. impact tool.

  • Manufactured from heavy-duty steel materials
  • Designed for use on bearing cup outer diameter (O.D) 1 in - 1.25 in.
  • Eliminates using vice-and-socket or hammering methods which can be dangerous or cause damage
  • Aid in reducing the risk of damaging joints, bearing caps, yokes, and driveshafts
  • Engineered to be used with 1/2 in. impact wrench
  • Designed to disassemble even the most seized u-joint in minutes on most class 1-2 trucks, cars and other equipment. (Chevrolet 1500/3500, Ford F-150/350, Ram 1500/3500, etc.)
  • Bearing Cup Outer Diameter Application: 1 in. - 1.25in.
  • Impact Drive Size: 1/2 in.
  • Weight: 3 lbs.
  • Product Dimensions (L x W X H): ~ 6.75 x 3.5 x 2 in.
  • Packaging Dimensions (L x W X H): 8 x 2 x 5 in.
  • Material: heavy duty casted steel
  • Application: Used on 1-Ton and 2 1/2 Ton Automobiles, SUV, & Light-Trucks