BigDaddy Aluminum Tailgate Step Ladder

Part Number: BD2023
Price: $499.95
In Stock - Ships From Michigan

The BigDaddy Aluminum Tailgate Ladder is the ultimate solution for safe and easy access to your truck bed. Perfectly designed for bigger trucks, this tailgate step supports tailgate heights up to 46 inches and effortlessly holds over 300 lbs despite its lightweight frame of just 21 lbs. The BigDaddy Tailgate Step Ladder is crafted from durable steel and aluminum and coated with a rich satin black powder finish for years of reliable use. Installation of this famous truck tailgate step ladder is a breeze, guaranteeing you’re ready to go quickly.

With its sturdy construction and user-friendly design, the BigDaddy Aluminum Tailgate Ladder is an essential addition for truck owners who prioritize safety and convenience. Explore additional truck steps and ladders, and check out our truck parts and accessories for a complete upgrade. Make every load and unload smoothly with Unique Truck Equipment’s fleet solutions from the BigDaddy to our three-step version, StepDaddy Tailgate Ladder.

BigDaddy Truck Tailgate Step Ladder Includes:

  • Lightweight aluminum rail section
  • 21lb total weight
  • 6lb ladder rail section
  • 46 inch tailgate height allowance
  • High-strength steel pivot plate
  • Lightweight aluminum mounting plate, leg extensions, clip holder, and ladder clip

BigDaddy Ladder FAQs

Q: Can the BigDaddy Aluminum Tailgate Ladder be used on any truck model?

A: The BigDaddy Aluminum Tailgate Ladder is versatile and designed to fit up to 46-inch-high tailgates. Its universal design makes it suitable for a wide range of bigger truck models, ensuring you get the boost you need for easier truck bed access. See for yourself why the BigDaddy is considered one of the best tailgate ladders available.

Q: How do you install a BigDaddy Tailgate Step Ladder?

A: Installing the BigDaddy Aluminum Tailgate Ladder is simple and requires no special tools. First, attach the mounting plate to your tailgate with the included hardware. Then, assemble the aluminum leg extensions and attach the ladder rail to the mounting plate. Finish by securing the ladder with the aluminum clip holder. The straightforward instructions mean a quick setup, providing safe and easy access to your truck bed.