Goodall Start-All Jump-Pack, JP-12-10000 - 10,000A

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The Goodall JP-12-10000 Start-All Jump-Pack is the ultimate power solution for necessary heavy-duty truck charging. This lithium-ion jump starter is designed with professional-grade strength and delivers an unparalleled 10,000 amp starting power, making it ideal for the toughest Class 8 engines. With the Goodall Start-All Jump-Pack, you’ll be better prepared to face cold mornings or the most demanding conditions.

The Goodall Jump-Pack’s instant energy transfer technology helps you get back on the road quickly and safely. It is not just for trucks; it also charges your essential devices with multiple power ports. Quickly jump start a dead semi-truck, charge phones, digital cameras, tablets, laptops, and portable gaming devices with multiple power ports! This start-all jump-pack features large metal clamps and 1/0 gauge jumper cables for maximum durability.

With a 500-lumen LED flashlight, including SOS and strobe functions, it’s a reliable companion on the road. Give it a test drive and see why the Goodall JP-12-10000 is one of the best heavy-duty jump starters. Perfect for trucks, semis, buses, and more, it equips your fleet with the power it needs. Shop the Goodall JP-12-10000 and other battery chargers and testers today!

Goodall Jump-Pack Includes:

  • Instant start for Class 8/Class CE gasoline and diesel engines for trucks, semis, buses, construction and agriculture equipment
  • Large metal clamp with 1/0 gauge jumper cables
  • Solid-state technology control that provides extended durability and eliminates wear points
  • 500 lumen LED flashlight with SOS and strobe emergency functions
  • Power Ports:
    • (2) DC auxiliary power ports
    • (2) 2.1A USB ports
    • (1) 12V output port

**This item contains a lithium-ion battery and will ONLY SHIP GROUND - No expedited shipping.

Goodall Semi-Truck Jump Starter FAQs

Q: What makes the Goodall JP-12-10000 different from other jump starters on the market?

A: A semi-truck jump box is easily overlooked until it becomes necessary. The Goodall JP-12-10000 stands out with its 10,000 amps and 1332005S joules of power, specifically designed to start the toughest Class 8 engines. Its proprietary technology ensures instantaneous energy transfer for unmatched starting power and solid-state technology control for enhanced durability.

Q: Is the Goodall JP-12-10000 Jump-Pack only for starting vehicles?

A: No, beyond starting vehicles, the Goodall JP-12-10000 is a versatile device. It can charge devices like phones, tablets, laptops, and more with its multiple power ports, including DC auxiliary, USB, and 12V output ports, catering to all your power needs on the go.

  • Engine: Instantly jump starts engines up to 16 liter diesel
  • Battery Chemistry: High-output premium lithium-ion
  • Capacity: 236.8 Watt-hours (236,800mWh)
  • Capacity: 236.8 Watt-hours (263,800 mWh)
  • Joules: 133200
  • Amps: 10,000 Amps (<200 ms)
  • Volts: 12
  • Lifetime Performance: Up to 5000 starts
  • Operating Temp: -4°F to +140°F; -20°C to +60°C
  • Built-In Protect All Safety Protection: Reverse polarity, low voltage protection, short circuit, overheat protection, over discharge protection.
  • Unit Dimensions: 10.93"L x 10.78" H X 4.33" W