Atlas LMA Lawn Mower Adapter for 2-Post Lift

Price: $2,299.00
Ships Direct From Manufacturer

The Atlas LMA (Lawn More Adapter) will transform most two-post above ground lifts with symmetric arms into an easy to use lawn more lift, golf cart lift, snowmobile lift, ATV lift, or small sports car lift

  • Capacity: Up to 5,000 lbs.*
  • Adjusts in Width: 8' 11"
  • Wheel Base: 32" 90" **
  • Wheel Well Width: 12"
  • Thickness of Steel: 1/4" (2 Gauge)

*May vary depending on lift and weight distribution. Longer wheel bases on vehicle to be lifted will lower the overall lifting capacity of LMA

**May require blocks and/or shims at different positions on lift arms to keep wheel platforms stable and level.

LMA consists of two (2) wheel platforms. LIFT NOT INCLUDED