AutoEnginuity Enhanced Interface for Subaru (EI12)

Part Number: EI12
Price: $149.95
Ships Direct From Manufacturer

The enhanced Subaru interface supports hundreds of sensors and actuations for systems such as engine, transmission, integrated unit module, TPMS, ABS / VDC, and other body controllers. Coverage does include the diesel Legacy engine.

Advanced features besting even the factory solutions:

  • More intuitive and powerful user-interface
  • OBD-II functionality integrated with Subaru-specific functionality
  • VIN-based model decoding for rapid vehicle identification

  • System Functions / Work Supprt:

  • Set Mode Steering Angle Sensor
  • Lateral and Longitudinal G Sensor Zero Point
  • Force Sensor Calibration Mode / Break-In Parking Drive Mode / Parking Brake Removal Mode
  • Clutch Sensor Calibration Mode / Parameter Initialization
  • ABS Sequence Mode, Brake Maintenance Mode, Check Mode, and VDC Centering Mode

  • Permanent Functions:

  • Retard Ignition
  • Idle RPM Adjustments (with AC and without AC)
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