AutoEnginuity Enhanced Interface for Mazda (EI05)

Part Number: EI05
Price: $149.95
Ships Direct From Manufacturer

The enhanced Mazda interface supports hundreds of sensors selected from the engine, transmission, body, and chassis systems. Support includes the CAN systems such as ABS and Tire Pressure Monitor systems. We also of Mazda of Europe / Japan model specific support.

System Tests:

  • IVD Initialization (Lateral Acceleration and Yaw Rate Reset)
  • Self-Test (RCM and GEM)
  • As Built (CAN-based body controllers)
  • EPS Steering Calibration
  • IVD Initialization
  • KOEO
  • KOER
  • KAM Reset (CAN-based controllers)
  • Passenger Weight ReZero
  • SWS Calibration
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