AutoEnginuity Enhanced Interface for Chrysler and Dodge-Family (EI04)

Part Number: EI04
Price: $229.95
Ships Direct From Manufacturer

The enhanced Chrysler interface supports hundreds of sensors selected from the powertrain, body, chassis, and transmission system. It includes hi- and low-speed sensor support giving you more sensors and faster throughput then our competitors. This enhanced interface comes with its own hardware interface specifically designed for Chrysler SCI and CCD based controllers. By doing a stand-alone interface we can offer you more SCI coverage then our competitors who are limited by electrical issues with generic OBD-II. Also supported is the CR2 and CR3 Sprinter ('04 - '06), Jeep Liberty Diesel ('05 - '06), diesel Cummins engines, and the Venom equipped Vipers ('08+).

SBEC/JTEC System Tests:

  • EGR System Test
  • EVAP System Monitor Service Test
  • Erase All DTC Fault Codes
  • Generate Full Field Test
  • Gov & 3-4 Shift Valve Test - JTEC Only
  • Leak Detect Pump Test
  • Purge Vapors Test
  • Reset All Adaptive Memory Fuel Cells
  • Reset All Non-Volatile Memory
  • Reset CAM/Crank Misalignment
  • Reset CAM, Crank, and Sync Status Record
  • Reset Duty Cycle Monitor
  • Reset Engine Running Time Record
  • Reset Fuel Shut-off Record
  • Reset Intake Airflow Control Stepper Motor Position
  • Reset Trip Information
  • Set Sync Signal - JTEC Only
  • Set Minimum Throttle Position to Maximum
  • Torque Converter Clutch Test - JTEC Only

  • VPW-based System Tests:

  • ABS Bleed Brakes (EBC325, Mk20e, and Mk25e)
  • Tire Size Programming
  • Transmission Rear/Front Wheel Brake Torque Test
  • Transmission Pump Test
  • Transmission Quick Learn
  • Transmission TCC Break-In Test
  • Transmission Front Wheel Pinion Factor

  • NGC System Tests:

  • Injector Kill Test
  • NVLD Force Monitor Test
  • Purge Vapor Tests
  • Reset all On-Board Control Units
  • Report Part Number
  • Report Reflash Program Counter

  • CAN-based Module System Test and Configuration Support:

  • ABS Brake Bleed
  • ABS Initialize ECU
  • Auto Door Locks
  • Beltminder
  • Cylinder Performance Test
  • Current VIN Programming
  • CAM and Crank Relearn
  • DRL Setup Configuration
  • EATX Quick Learn
  • Engine On Odometer
  • IMA Programming Injestors
  • Injector Quantity Adjustment
  • Module Configuration Setup
  • Retrieve Installed Module VINs
  • Tire Pressure Sensor ID Programming
  • Tire Pressure Trigger Configuration
  • Tire Pressure Pressure Calibration
  • Tire Size Programming
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