Tiger Tool Intermediate U-Joint Puller

Part Number: 10104
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The Tiger Tool Intermediate U-Joint Puller provides ultimate brute strength for disassembling even the most seized u-joints in minutes. The Tiger Tool 10104 works virtually all intermediate trucks, school buses, farm and light industrial vehicles.

  • Manufactured from high-grade materials for strength and durability
  • Eliminates dangerous vice-and-socket or hammering methods
  • Reduces risk of damage to the driveshaft, yokes, joints or bearing cups

The Tiger Tool Intermediate U-Joint Puller Applications:

  • U-Joints with bearing cups 1.25" to 1.7" O.D.
  • Spicer SPL 90 & 100 Series

Note: Damage to flange style yokes may occur if the bearing cups are severely seized. Not compatible with Double Cardan joints. To service Double Cardan joints, see part # 10205

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