Kiene: Diesel Injector Nozzle Tester Portable

Kiene: Diesel Injector Nozzle Tester Portable
Part Number: DT-1300
Price: $985.00
Ships Direct From Manufacturer

Designed to test all types of diesel fuel injection components. The fuel injection pressures are measured on a high quality, 0-5000 psi gauge. the gauge is removable and interchangeable with gauges of different pressure ranges.

The nozzle tester can be quickly checked to insure its integrity through use of it's "pump" and "gage" valves. The standard fuel discharge fitting permits quick connection to various fuel system components. Designed for use as a bench operated unit, or portable unit, with self-contained reservoir and carrying handle.

Design Features

1. Reservoir:

Holds 1/2 gallon of test fluid, provides carrying handle, housing for gauge protection, and a large, flat bottom surface for field stability.

2. Gauge:


3-1/2 inch, direct reading, 0-5000 psi with 50 psi increments. Easily removed, with interchangeable gauges available.

3. Pump and Handle:

Precision pump mechanism and balanced pump handle, produces 1300 MM3 of fluid per stroke

4. Control Valves:

"Gage" and "Pump" control valves permit testing of the nozzle tester to insure proper operation. "Gage" valve permits isolation of the gauge, and bleeding of the discharge line prior to the removal of the component being tested.

Discharge Fitting:

Standard discharge fitting, 14 x 1.5 MM accommodates standard connector nuts and fittings.