Breg Rhino Rug Industrial Roll 36" x 200'

Part Number: BIR200
Price: $195.57
Ships Direct From Manufacturer

Tough as a rhino's skin, these sorbent Rhino Rugs keep plant walkways clean and safe. Made of needle punched polypropylene, Rhino Rugs have a rugged construction that will not tear or fall apart. To maximize protection, these hardy rugs can also be cut to fit in, under or around machinery and other hard to reach places like vehicle maintenance pits. They'll confine and absorb annoying drips and leaks. Rhino Rug is a universl sorbent that will absorb hydrocarbons, water and even caustics and acids. Great for reducing tracking from plant to office areas. Dark gray in color to hide dirty footprints.

  • 36" x 200'
  • Single Weight
  • 1 Roll per Bag
  • Replaces part # 4002
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