Breg 3B Putty 1/2 lb Jar (Case of 12)

Part Number: BPUTY1.5
Price: $82.14
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Breg's 3B Putty and Wooden Plug Set can be used to stop crossover line breaks or fuel tank punctures. Breg's 3B Putty is a non-toxic, pre-mixed putty. In cases such as tank punctures, Wooden Plugs can be jammed into the hole to minimize fluid release before 3B Putty is. When pressed into a puncture it forms an immediate seal to control leaks and spills. No preparation needed. Sticks to greasy, rusty or dirty surfaces. No mixing necessary.

  • 1/2 lb jar of 3B Putty
  • Case of 12 Jars
  • Replaces part 9029-12
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