Breg Universal Ultra Pad 15" x 18" (100 per Case)

Part Number: BUUP
Price: $102.29
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Made of spunbond and fine fiber polypropylene, this dimpled mat has 2 separate survace textures. One side is slick and abrasion resistant and the other is soft and super absorbent. DuraMAT can be used for virtually any in-plant application. Once this mat is slightly saturated it takes on a gripping characterstic.

  • 15" x 18" mat
  • Absorbs 21 gallons per case
  • 100 mats per case
  • Double Weight
  • 1 side spunbond, slick and abrasion resistant
  • 1 side fine fiber, soft and super absorbent
  • Dimpled
  • Replaces part # 5804
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