Mobile Grease Kit for 120 lb (16 Gal) Drums

Mobile Grease Kit for 120 lb (16 Gal) Drums
Part Number: 13051T-S4
Price: $1,057.17
Ships Direct From Manufacturer

This system is optimized to handle thick greases, effiently. Starting with the 60:1 ratio pneumatic pump, it provides up to 7,200 PSI of pumping pressure to ensure that thick, tackified greases can be pumped with ease.

To make sure that this increase in pumping capability is not lost in pushing grease through a 1/4" hose, this system uses a 3/8" high pressure hose to ensure maximum pressure is applied at the grease fitting, where it is needed.

  • 60:1 ratio grease pump
  • Heavy duty drum cover with hardware
  • High efficiency follower plate
  • Air filter/regulator
  • Grease control handle
  • 3/8" x 6' or 12' high pressure hose
  • 'Z' swivel
  • Two wheel cart or carry handle
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