Shields Auto Release Magnetic Sweeper

Part Number: AR-
Price: $350.00
Ships Direct From Manufacturer

By applying pressure to any of the attached toe plates, this unique, patented auto- release magnetic sweeper design allows easy and safe debris removal. A simple and effective operation, debris is release from the hinged aluminum collector plate at your convenience! Bottom mounted wear -bars protect both the hinge/collector plate and the FOD magnet from any hazards.

  • Magnetic FOD Sweeper Designed for use on smooth pavement and even surfaces
  • Patented magnet release design is unique to the magnetic sweeper market.
  • Up to 3″ Magnet Suspension Height
  • Easy Operation, Maintenance Free, Great Performance in an industrial magnet !
  • Lifetime Guarantee on Magnetic Strength.
  • Optional “Fork Pockets” available on all FOD magnet sizes.
  • Magnetic Sweeper Available in the following lengths: 24″/609mm, 36″/914mm, 48″/1219mm, 60″/1524mm, and 72″/1829mm
Model Dimensions Weight Suspension Height Traveling Speed
AR-24 2"H x 5" W x 24" L 32 lbs. 4" 15 MPH
AR-36 2"H x 5" W x 36" L 326lbs. 4" 15 MPH
AR-48 2"H x 5" W x 48" L 43 lbs. 4" 15 MPH
AR-60 2"H x 5" W x 60" L 52 lbs. 4" 15 MPH
AR-72 2"H x 5" W x 72" L 69 lbs. 4" 15 MPH