Roadcheck 2013 is June 4th - 6th

Roadcheck 2013 is June 4th - 6th
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The importance of pre-trip inspections and driver safety should be a priority year round for every driver. Yet, once a year in June, CVSA sponsors a three day long program called Roadcheck in which tens of thousands of inspections are conducted with thousands of vehicles found to be out of compliance. This year's Roadcheck will be taking place June 4th-6th.

Much like the past, you can expect approximately 10,000 CVSA-certified inspectors at 1,500 locations around North America. During the 2012 Roadcheck, 74,072 inspections were conducted with 20.9% of these vehicles being placed out-of-service and 4.6% of drivers placed out-of-service. Among the top 10 violations found tire tread depth less than 2/32 of an inch, failing to perform inspections, and brake issues, all three could have been prevented with one tool, The Pre-Trip Inspection Tool.

In past years, many drivers equipped with the Pre-Trip Inspection Tool have cruised right through the check points. In one instance an inspector borrowed the tool from a driver and used it to inspect other vehicles for violations.

If you think the world's largest targeted enforcement program on commercial vehicles isn't reason enough to equip your drivers with the Pre-Trip Inspection Tool, then you might consider the cost associated with out-of-serve vehicles. CVSA has prepared a Tip Sheet for Drivers on Roadcheck and a Roadcheck Roadmap that you may find useful.

For questions about the Pre-Trip Inspection Tool, contact Unique Truck Equipment via email at [email protected] or toll free (800) 777-4855.